Scuba Ham Award: we are looking for scuba divers amateurs radio
DX Holiday, encouraging the activity on the amateur radio bands, is starting an international list of scuba divers amateurs radio to organize the "Scuba Ham Award". The list will be called "Scuba Ham".
Scuba diving is practiced all over the world, in hot or cold waters, in seas, lakes, rivers, caves… and many amateurs radio practice recreational diving. Most of amateurs radio practice scuba diving in their spare time, many amateurs radio are diving guides or diving instructors, some of them are professionals guides or instructors. Diving is one of the favorite activities during the holidays… and holidays are always with a transceiver into the luggage!!!
To subscribe the Scuba Ham list, please send a copy of your scuba diving card or certification via email to DX Holiday. Subscription is free of charge.
Prizes are also provided for activators of Scuba Ham to improve the participation of scuba divers.
The score of each contact or SWL report with a Scuba Ham is based on the his diving certification. Please find below an example of categories and equivalent diving certifications:
Category O - OPEN: Scuba Diver, Base, Open Water Diver, 1 star, Ocean Diver or equivalent diving certification
Category A - ADVANCED: Advanced Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver, 2 stars, Sport Diver, Rescue Diver, Stress & Rescue, Master Scuba Diver, Master Diver or equivalent diving certification
Category G - GUIDE: Divemaster, Dive Con, Assistant Instructor, 3 stars, 4 stars, or equivalent diving certification
Category I - INSTRUCTOR: any level of diving instructor
The rules of the Scuba Ham Award are ready!
DX Holiday will look forward to receive many subscriptions to the Scuba Ham list and we hope to find you on air!

Stay safe, be well!