Includes information on how to apply for visitor visas, bridging visas and transit visas, fees and charges.


Conditions of travel
Check the list of services you payed and what you have not payed.

Entering or leaving a country
What to expect at the border and what you can bring into the country.

Life in a country
What you need to know as a traveller.

Health risks
Learn about the health risks related to your trip.

Safety and security concerns
Helpful information about safety and security in foreign countries.

Local laws and culture
It is important to understand the laws and culture of the places you will visit. You can learn about countries by using many different resources such as websites, guidebooks, and other media.

Complying with your obligations
Includes information on how to comply with your obligations.

Importing or buying from overseas
Information on how to import or export and clearing goods.

Bringing your family or partners
Information on how to bring your family or partners.


About CEPT

If you'll visit a CEPT country please visit:



- and download the ECC Recommendation


DX CODE OF CONDUIT (for DXpedtioners)

  • Do your Homework
  • Keep the DX community informed
  • Check TX frequency AND the RX range before starting up
  • You are the Boss and You are in Charge
  • Announce Your Callsign Frequently
  • Use Split Operation
  • Establish and Maintain a Rhythm
  • Work and log dupes, it’s quicker
  • Give QSY/QRT information before leaving the pile-up
  • Establish a “Friendship” with the Pileup
  • Avoid working by numbers, continents are OK
  • Repeat corrected callsigns so everyone is sure of being safely logged
  • Be a role model

Amateur radio make friends around the world, learn, and help others!