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Welcome to the High Arctic of Svalbard!

Here's some information for your DX holiday in Svalbard Islands, norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.


About tourism in Svalbard

There are a lot of places to stay since this is a tourist destination. The hotels are friendly to all guests included Hams, but I don’t think there I a solution to set up a radio station at any of these places. We recommend to rent the club station. Look at for places to stay. Book in good time.



You get here by plane from mainland Norway. Most planes goes from Oslo-Gardermoen. Oslo-Gardermoen is a international airport and har a easy link to the rest of the world. There are two companies the fly to Longyearbyen: and The flight takes 3 and a half hour and there is bus or taxi from the airport to the settlement. It is 7 kilometres from the airport to centre. Book in good time.




The official language of Svalbard is norwegian. Russian is used in the russian settlements, but formerly, russenorsk was the lingua franca of the entire Barents Sea region.



Svalbard/Spitsbergen is a part of Norway and the same rules apply here as in mainland Norway. To get a temporarily Licence you have to apply to the National communication authority The national radio organisation may help:


Radio equipment

You can rent the radio club witch have some antennas. Look at the club have a few visitor radios, but the club do not rent out amplifiers, filters and other equipment. You have to bring that yourself on the plane.


Svalbard Amateur Radio Club JW5E

We are a small club in the arctic. Located in Longyearbyen. We rent out the station to keep the station alive. Please look at for more information.


The supply  in Svalbard is 240 volts, a.c. 50Hz

On Svalbard and Jan Mayen the power plugs and sockets are of type F, also known as "Schuko". This socket also works with plug C and plug E.

Special thanks to Sander Solnes JW4PUA on behalf of Svalbard Amateur Radio Club  JW5E