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We received on 25/06/2019 from Ali Solhjoo, EP3CQ/ 6O1OO


Hello Michele,    

Greetings from Somalia and I hope all is well at your end.  I just received a piece of good news from Iran on ham radio.  The Communications Regulatory Authority and Parsian Amateur Radio Club are opening DXpedition opportunities in historical sites on Iran. 


The first location that is being announced and available now is Belad Shapour in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province (photo attached). 


All interested DXpeditor teams can send their request(s) for 3 to 30Mhz (standard HF bands). No limitation on mode of operation. 


Requests should be submitted 3-4 months to prior to the actual operation, for coordination and obtaining the relevant license(s). 

They are looking for a good start and then spread the same to other very famous sites in the country i.e. Persepolis of Shiraz, Yazd, etc. 


I suppose this is a very rare and great opportunity to have a DXpedition in Iran. Weather condition is very good now, visa upon arrival for three month and super cheap in terms of expenses i.e. flights around 20-50$ etc. indeed it is a unique experience and opportunity.  


It would be highly appreciated if you publish this in your newsletter.

It would be highly appreciated if you publish this in your newsletter.


The direct focal point and coordinator is EP3AG ( one of the amateur radio pioneers in the country.


Here is the location:    


VY 73! EP3CQ/6O1OO Ali


Thank you for sharing the information!