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Our destinations in Madagascar:

Tonga soa!

How to get there

Travel to Madagascar is possible throughout the year. However, March to January is usually the most pleasant period. You can easily travel to Madagascar from Europe, Eastern Africa and Southern Africa (Nairobi, Johannesburg) as well as from almost all of the Indian Ocean islands (Mayotte, Reunion, Mauritius, Seychelles).

From Europe and Africa you can flight to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar with connection to Nosy Be. From Paris CDG either to Tana with Air Madagascar, Air France and Corsair Fly, or with Air Austral to Reunion with direct connection to Nosy Be. From Marseille to Antananarivo with Air Madagascar. Air Seychelles is flying from Paris CDG via Mahe/Seychelles to Antananarivo. Turkish Airlines has started regular flights (3 per week) from Istanbul to Antananarivo.

NEOS AIR flies from Milan, Verona and Rome directly to Nosy Be.

Ethiopian Airlines flies from european countries to Nosy Be via Adiss Abeba. They offer a checked baggage allowance of 2 pieces, 23 kg each = 46Kg for person!!!

There are convenient flights by Air Madagascar and Airlink from and to Johannesburg, some of them with direct connections to Nosy Be (Airlink). Visitors traveling between the Indian Ocean islands may also fly directly to Nosy Be from Reunion or Mayotte with Air Madagascar, Air Austral and Ewa Air. From Nairobi and Mauritius numerous flights weekly to Antananarivo with connections to Nosy Be.



All foreign visitors to the Republic of Madagascar require an entry Visa. The Tourist Visa for stays of 30 to max 90 days can be obtained on arrival at the airport (recommended). It's just an immigration stamp in the passport with the date of validity. As from 2016 the fees are for a tourist visa for max. 1 month  80.000 Ariary. A Tourist Visa for more than 30 days and up to 2 months at 100.000 Ariary, and up to 3 month 140.000 Ariary.


Ham radio license

If you want to apply for a 5R8 license please visit our page SPECIAL 2020 in order to have more informations.








2 or 3 weeks waiting time







(Rome, Milan, Verona)

cost 130€

two-prong plugs

Madagascar Embassy


and other


no reciprocal license


< 1 month 27€

Mayotte & La Reunion

5R8** call sign

(two letters suffix)



< 2 months 33€


South Africa

application upon request


< 3 months 90€


radio for rent available




antenna for rent available














No immunizations are necessary. Drink only bottled water or take water purification tablets. Travel insurance is recommended.



Local currency is ARIARY (MGA), 1 Euro = approx. 2.800 to 4000. Take cash in Euro (better than  US$). Credit cards are not widely accepted.



Official language Malagasy; French is the business language and widely spoken, english and italian are spoken in the tourist centers.



Power supply 220-240V, european two-prong plugs.



GMT +3.


The combination of southeastern trade winds and northwestern monsoons produces a hot rainy season (November–April) with frequently destructive cyclones, and a relatively cooler dry season (May–October). Rain clouds originating over the Indian Ocean discharge much of their moisture over the island's eastern coast; the heavy precipitation supports the area's rain forest ecosystem. The central highlands are both drier and cooler while the west is drier still, and a semi-arid climate prevails in the southwest and southern interior of the island.

Sporting, activities and excursions

Even if mass tourism does not (yet) exist on Madagascar, you will find many exciting possibilities for making your dream holiday: 

 •    sea and landscape excursions

 •    scuba diving

 •    snorkeling

 •    stand up paddling

 •    yachting

 •  picnic-excursions to neighbouring islands and to visit lemur reserves

 •    bivouacs on deserted tropical paradise islands

 •    rental of mountain bikes, motor-cycles, cars and 4x4

 •    guided excursions with QUAD's

 •    horse riding

 •    golf


…and last but not least

We are looking forward to assist you in designing your dream DX-holiday already at home. For example, your amateur radio license, your excursions on land and on sea, your pleasure cruise on a comfortable catamaran to discover all the beauty of the archipelago of islands around Nosy Be, your scuba-diving or snorkeling on the coral reefs. By the way, do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further informations about Madagascar.


Arriving at Madagascar, everything is ready for you.